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Comprehensive SMS solution to meet your business needs

Discover different ways to use our SMS solutions and enhance your business

What We Do?

We have a powerful web based Bulk SMS platform that consists of several tools and components. We can develop and customize the SMS solutions as per your business requirement.

  • Self-service portal to manage your account and track the usage
  • SMS Scheduler to configure and send SMS at later time and date
  • Desktop tools to send SMS notifications, reminders and alerts
  • Powerful integration API to integrate with Enterprise servers like MS Outlook and MS Exchange Server and MS Share Point Server
  • XML based REST API to integrate any third party software
  • Integration possible with SMPP and FTP
  • Import recipients from formatted files (Excel, Word, and TXT) and organize in different groups.
  • Export usage reports to Excel

Benefits of our platform

Corporate Clients

The corporate clients will get access to our complete platform tools. They have the flexibility of adding sub-users with different privileges.

The access can be setup in matter of hours and all the platform components are Plug & Play components. So while you focus on your core business we take care of your SMS needs.

SMB, Retail and Individual Clients

The SMB, retail and individual users can choose from the components they require and will pay only for the features they select. This is economical option that includes access to our online portal and access to our desktop tools.

Popular usage and application of our SMS solutions

  • RBT services
  • SMS Voting (Survey, Opinions, Quiz etc.)
  • SMS TV Chat
  • SMS Voting (Surveys, Opinion polls, Quiz etc.)
  • Ask an Expert / Questionnaires
  • Subscription based SMS/MMS Content Service
  • Weekly/Monthly lucky draw
  • SMS Contest and Competitions
  • Reminder SMS
  • SMS Alerts/Notifications
  • Email to SMS
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Reservations and Bookings

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